Our Story

for well-being

We are a group of technologists and healthcare professionals deeply passionate about transforming cancer care. Each of us has been personally impacted by cancer.

We are determined to utilize our knowledge, network and resources to solve problems that inhibit efficient care delivery. We hope our work will in some small way help improve the lives of people impacted by cancer.

Forbie® is born out of this desire to help patients


Help transform the cancer care patient and provider experience

Challenges in cancer care

  • Poor quality of patient data
  • Cumbersome data collection processes
  • Manual data entry
  • Inaccurate, incomplete and delayed patient feedback
  • No insight into emotional or psychological state of patient

Asymmetric patient-provider information and communication

Our Solution

forbie: a cancer patient care service

Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to seamlessly collect a patient’s physical, emotional and psychological data and provide real time augmented intelligence helping providers better manage cancer patients

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4640 S Macadam Ave., Suite # 200
Portland, Oregon 97239
+1.877.3.FORBIE [1.877.336.7243]